Fort Bend County homeowners are protesting outside the wrong building

Buc-ee’s gets a handout from City of Katy
July 18, 2016
Flashback to 2014: Remember how this Texas state lawmaker said he’d address rising property taxes in Fort Bend?
July 30, 2016
Fort Bend County homeowners are protesting outside the wrong building

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You can skip a few paragraphs ahead if you’ve watched the TV news accounts and read the blogs & online newspapers covering Fort Bend County homeowner frustration with arbitrary increases in home values and skyrocketing property tax bills.

Aaron Layman has been doing yeoman’s work covering what he characterizes as a “rigged system” favoring commercial property owners over at the Fort Bend CAD and a process that steamrolls homeowners. Oh boy is he spot on.

Most recently Andrea Watkins at Fox 26 included video of Fort Bend County homeowners protesting outside the office of the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District.

I’m here to tell everyone they are protesting outside the wrong building.

The City of Sugar Land fought hard to keep the papers hidden from public view but documents recently obtained from the City revealed opposing increases in the homestead exemption for Fort Bend County homeowners was a 2015 Legislative Priority of the Greater Fort Bend Economic Development Council.



(used in accordance with Creative Commons license)

Within the board meeting agendas and board meeting minutes provided in accordance with a letter ruling from the Open Records Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office was a Draft Agenda of the Greater Fort Bend County Economic Development Council Legislative Priorities heading into the start of the 84thLegislative session.


Section VI titled Tax Reform contains the damning priority (emphasis mine):

Oppose increase in the Homestead Exemption or any other proposal that shifts burden to businesses”

So here’s a word for all the homeowners who showed up outside the Fort Bend County Appraisal District office to protest the arbitrary increases in your market & assessed values resulting in YUGE tax increases.

You’re protesting outside the wrong offices!!

Exit question: which Fort Bend County elected officials sit on the board of the Greater Fort Bend Economic Development Council?

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