New documents reveal Houston’s “Welcoming City” initiative

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December 4, 2016
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New documents reveal Houston’s “Welcoming City” initiative

Prioritizing the training, education, housing, healthcare and employment of other countries low-skilled nationals over the needs of American citizens is the predominant theme of papers related to Houston’s designation in August 2016 as a “Welcoming City.” The ten pages of documents obtained from the City of Houston, Department of Neighborhoods are the strongest evidence yet outlining the objectives of a public-private partnership in the Greater Houston area and how they sought “Welcoming City” status.


In February 2016 a consortium calling itself the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative sent a letter of intent to the “Welcoming America / Partnership for a New American Economy Research Fund” requesting two levels of support from the fund to:

  • increase the capacity of immigration legal services providers that provide high-quality, low-cost services to immigrants;
  • improve and streamline immigrants ability to access existing social and legal services;
  • be a source of timely and accurate information for both stakeholder groups and potential clients of immigration service providers; and
  • develop new funding sources for immigration service providers

Translation? The refugee industry aka stakeholder partners serving other countries nationals residing in Galveston, Conroe, Katy, Pasadena, Fort Bend and Kingwood wants more of your tax dollars.

And they needed a very customized research report to get their grubby hands on more of your money.

The first level of support requested a research report highlighting the economic & demographic impact of immigrants and refugees in Houston, including their tax contributions and spending power.

Why was this customized research report necessary?

“…there is little substantive research about immigrant’s power within our current economy. This research will be invaluable data…”

The second level of support was for a site visit from Welcoming America staff to kick-start “the development of a strategic plan for Houston to become an official Welcoming City

What would the objectives strategic plan entail? Helping American citizens?


The priority of the immigration and refugee industry is concern for “those who have little education, low English proficiency, tenuous legal status and who are disproportionately poor” to ensure they become citizens… to improve their access to key social services such as healthcare, affordable housing, mental healthcare, and education.”

And exactly which Houston-area organizations comprise this public-private partnership collaborative? From Page 4:

The lead private sector partner is Stan Marek, CEO of the Marek Family of Companies…Mr. Marek is a long-time supporter of the Collaborative and is committed to helping to develop a multi-sector plan.”

The documents show that the Collaborative included five areas of the planning process on the way to designation as a “Welcoming City”. Those five areas focused on:

  • decreasing poverty among immigrants (you didn’t think they’d use your tax dollars to decrease poverty among American citizens, did you?) by increasing the number of immigrants with work permits (aka people brought here illegally?)
  • increasing the citizenship rate and new voter registration among new citizens
  • expanding ESL programs with the goal to improve English skills for immigrants with low English proficiency (did the State of Texas run out of American citizens to help?)
  • addressing immigrants’ safety concerns and ensure that undocumented immigrants know their legal rights (what about addressing the safety concerns of victims of gang rape in Harris County?)
  • helping new immigrant youths integrate more fully in our public schools (seriously, it’s not working)

You can read all ten pages here and be certain to check out pages 7 and 8 for the names of the other organizations and their refugee industry affiliation.

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  1. Liz Theiss says:

    So glad I finally found this via a FB notice…(my other profile). This NEIGHBORHOOD DEPT. at the COH was designed for nothing else other than to usher in and platform an entire new demographic to replace the American people. So glad you brought us up to date on this and linking to the extremely neo-Marxist Greater Houston Partnership with their hands in all of this Agenda 21 (2030) design work. Stan Marek was on the news the other day…he is working hard to push his agenda with Trump. These PPP’s are going to usher in an era of corporate fascism.The GHP has their hands in the WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT (GLOBAL WORKFORCE) in the Communist Core curriculum. I hope we can stop these pschopaths…

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