Texas Bathroom Wars: Texas Eagle Forum fires back at TAB

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December 6, 2016
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Texas Bathroom Wars: Texas Eagle Forum fires back at TAB

In yet another edition of “I suppose we all saw this coming”, Texas Eagle Forum has fired back at the Texas Association of Business over the Battle For Texas Bathrooms. On December 7th (a date that will live in infamy), Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune penned this piece reporting on the politics of the Texas Association of Business opposition to the Social Issue Of The Century and their economic argument that Texas and Texas cities would lose a competitive edge should a statewide “bathroom bill” be passed.


“The Texas Association of Business is against the new bathroom regs and a growing list of other regulations, fearing that what they refer to as “discriminatory legislation” damaged the business climate in Indiana and, more recently, in North Carolina.

“We must keep Texas open for business,” Chris Wallace, president of the Texas Association of Business, said at a news conference called by TAB and other opponents of the legislation. “Discriminatory legislation is bad for business.”

Executives with GSD&M, an Austin-based advertising firm that does business nationally, and TechNet, a trade group of technology companies that do business in Texas, also spoke against the legislation, saying it would make it much harder for the state to attract and retain companies.

TAB touted a study conducted by St. Edward’s University in Austin that concluded laws like that bathroom bill could cost the state as many as 850,000 jobs and economic losses of at least $964 million.”

And the skirmish du jour for yesterday Friday December 9th had Texas Eagle Forum President Trayce Bradford firing back with analysis of a July 2014 study of an economic boost for the wedding industry by extending marriage to same-sex couples and a May 2015 study on the additional 202 discrimination complaints per year estimated to be filed in the Texas court system that purportedly would not require additional court or administrative staff costs.

From the Texas Eagle Forum email titled “Good Business?”:

“Today, after reading the Texas Associations of Business study, “The Economic Impact of Discriminatory Legislation On the State of Texas”, I noticed, contrary to what the TAB hopes you will believe by their polls and charts, they do not have a referendum on the religious liberty issues. Far from it. The report gives an estimate of proposed losses (with quite a variance)—$964 million to $8.5 billion, however, there is no mention of the impact on women and children when their privacy and safety is violated, or the losses to those healthy businesses, careers and churches when they are targeted because of their faith.”

You can read the rest of the email here—and after you read it ask yourself who would benefit from 200+ additional discrimination complaints filed in the Texas court system?

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