Revealed: Harris County, Texas contract with Hart InterCivic for eSlate Electronic Voting System

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December 10, 2016
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Revealed: Harris County, Texas contract with Hart InterCivic for eSlate Electronic Voting System

I personally think a good majority of the election integrity articles and news accounts published about the November elections are prompting some states to look at their elections equipment and contracts, procedures, and laws. More on elections equipment and contracts in a minute.


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Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey reports all the Jill Stein voter-fraud hyperbole in Michigan resulted in the states’ lame-duck legislature passing a tough voter id bill and over at InfoWars readers were treated to a video of Texas State Director of Elections Keith Ingram running away from a reporter with questions about proposed, last minute rule changes to eliminate crucial hardcopy back-up records for the November 8th election.

Meanwhile over at Cyberscoop, Georgia’s Secretary of State penned a letter to Department of Homeland Insecurity Secretary Jeh Johnson after the states’ third-party cybersecurity provider detected an IP address from the agency’s Southwest D.C. office trying to penetrate the state’s firewall.

And while contributing content for the Boss Emeritus yours truly was vehemently shellacked (not by Dave!) for writing stories about Dr. Laura Pressley’s election contest lawsuit bringing to light the last minute rule changes to published in the Texas Register by the Texas Elections Division Director.

Which usually means I’m onto something.

So I filed an open records request with the Harris County Clerk to obtain a copy of their agreement with Hart InterCivic, Inc. for the purchase from Hart of the eSlate™ Electronic Voting System. The now 15 year-old agreement executed by former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels will surely be subject to review in light of Dr. Pressley’s election contest lawsuit and:

“her reliance on reports, government statements and the statutes and laws of the State of Texas that a cast vote record does not comply with Texas legal requirement to maintain images of the ballots cast.”

The resolution of this issue is very material to the decision in this case because if a cast vote record is not a ballot or an image of a ballot there were no votes in the election that can be counted other than the Absentee / Mail in Ballots.”

Here’s the twelve page agreement. Feel free to submit a comment in the comments section about any of the terms & conditions you find interesting or would recommend be changed.

For example; page 4 section 3.5

Use.—“Client is exclusively responsible for supervising, managing, and controlling its use of the eSlate™ Electronic Voting System, including but not limited to, establishing operating procedures and audit controls, supervising its employees, making daily backups…”

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