Fort Bend County Health Department: can’t “keep up with suspect / case load” of TB

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Fort Bend County Health Department: can’t “keep up with suspect / case load” of TB

Earlier this week KHOU reported Fort Bend ISD and Fort Bend County Health and Human Services are working closely after the latter notified the school district of a suspected case of tuberculosis at Clements High School in Sugar Land.


Photo credit: Centers for Disease Control

Employees and students of Clements High School are not the only people in the County going about their daily routines unaware of the inability of the County to keep up with the increasing suspect & actual case load of TB.

According to documents obtained from Fort Bend County Clinical Health Services, it is “proving challenging for the three Case Managers and two Nurses to keep up with the suspect / case load. There are 19 verified TB cases in 2014 and 27 verified cases in 2015…”

The Tuberculosis Annual Report also suggests the number of verified cases in the County could be under-reported as “clients are resistant to disclose contact information making it difficult to conduct a complete investigation thus increasing the incidence of unidentified exposed persons.”

The report is silent on the number of suspect /verified cases of TB among the county business community, however the registered nurse authoring the report commented that scheduling second and third follow-up visits with B-1 immigrants is problematic.

“Non-English speaking clients, especially B-1 immigrants are more difficult to schedule for second & third visits as their sponsors are reluctant to take time off from work…”

The U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website defines eligibility for a B-1 Temporary Business Visitor visa in part as those persons seeking to enter the United States as a personal or domestic servant and persons travelling to the U.S. for a business convention or conference and negotiating a contract.

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