TX school district appreciates multicultural “diversity” while promoting “white privilege” shaming

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TX school district appreciates multicultural “diversity” while promoting “white privilege” shaming

A Texas school district published statistics showcasing the “diversity” of student enrollment while simultaneously linking to a website hosting an article singling out white students and their families for household wealth shaming.

The “Diversity Resources” section of the Fort Bend Independent School District website states “appreciating cultural differences is a way of life” while claiming its multicultural “diversity” to be a strength:

“Fort Bend ISD is one of the most culturally diverse school districts in the state of Texas and we consider that to be a strength!”

FBISD Diversity Resources

Published on the “Diversity Resources” section of the taxpayer-funded school district website is a link to the National Conference for Community and Justice website (www.nccj.org) which is hosting an article titled “Racial Wealth Divide: The Dollar Cost of White Privilege”.


The site messaging is focused on racism: white privilege, oppression, and political transgender activism.

The “White Privilege” article explains white family wealth is derived from ownership of a residence and the accumulation of money held in savings, retirement and other investment accounts, and further implies the absence of mass transportation options results in the necessity to finance an automobile for commuting to work and exploits non-white, wage-earning families, putting them into indentured servitude to the car note.

White Privilege

According to figures published by Fort Bend ISD, student enrollment in 1992 was 45.71% White, 28.56% Black, 14.42% Hispanic, 11.25% Asian/ Pacific Islander and 0.06% Native American.

Fort Bend ISD student enrollment figures for 2015 were 32.80% Black, 27.22% Hispanic, 21.61% Asian, 15.29% White, 2.63% Two or More Races, .32% American Indian / Alaska Native and .13% Native Hawaiian / Other Pac. Islander.

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