Fort Bend County Sheriff: “If you don’t embrace our diversity you’d better get out!”

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July 28, 2017
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Fort Bend County Sheriff: “If you don’t embrace our diversity you’d better get out!”

Within one week of the July 31, 2017 announcement of the signing of 18 new U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287 (g) agreements through the state of Texas, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls held a press conference to announce and explain why his office decided NOT to join the 287 (g) program. I’ve included a link to that 18 minute press conference in case you missed it. His “if you don’t like it here you should leave” comment is near the end of the press conference.

FBC Sheriff

(photo credit: Fort Bend County website)

Here’s some highlights from that press conference:

0:00 – Our relationship with ICE over the past four years has been strong; I do not feel there is a need for the FBSCO to become part of 287g when nothing is broken;  the process we have in place in Fort Bend County, it’s working. It would require me to send six personnel to training for the four weeks, I’d have to hire six more people at a cost of half million dollars to do the job, come back and do the job that ICE is mandated to do. Not comfortable spending that money to make people feel good.

This is a large growing county and we have the relationship with ICE in place today, we don’t have any problems in Fort Bend County when it comes to the relationship with ICE.

I’ve been on the record for building a wall, a big beautiful wall and I support Donald Trump. I believe we need to get the bad hombres out of this country. Look at what’s happened recently, the individual deported twenty times and commits a sexual assault in another state. Who should we hold responsible for that? The federal government has failed to secure the southern border.

5:45 – We don’t need to deport people and send them back to their home country of origin until you build a wall, because in that example he just walked right back across the border. we have many cases throughout this county, state and nation where people are coming back and forth across our porous southern border.

6:34 – We have a great social media platform; being the most diverse county in the entire country; SB 4, 287g,  I tell you– people are starting to pay attention and ask questions and I like we are able to engage with the different communities that make up Fort Bend County. It’s then my responsibility to do the best I can to help educate and inform the residents of Fort Bend County on how this will apply to them.

8:18 – We (Chief Acevedo and I) held a community meeting in Arcola a few weeks back talking to residents from the Hispanic community that are concerned about this sanctuary city bill and what this means for law enforcement in Fort Bend County; how is Fort Bend County interpreting sanctuary city bill 4; the fear is real in their eyes; this issue in sanctuary city bill 4 is the Schaefer amendment; asking for immigration status on a traffic stop? I think it will cause problems for law enforcement; I think you may see more police pursuits; I think you’ll see more confrontation along the side of the road; should we ask for your immigration status on a traffic stop? My name is Pedro and I’m from El Salvador; Can anyone tell me what we do about that?

12:06  – 287 g here in Fort Bend County is not a problem, we have a partnership with ICE, we don’t need to have 287 (g) here; I know in FBC we’re not weak on immigration; I’m a Conservative Sheriff; I think some are painting the wrong picture. If our federal government does the right thing and hires 5000 border agents and 5000 additional ICE agents I will offer them an office here in the Fort Bend County Jail.

13:39 –  In Fort Bend County we are not having any issues with our relationship with ICE; we have never not complied with any ICE detainer. I am not Sally Hernandez.

15:44 –  We have a strong relationship with ICE. The partnership is strong. Fort Bend County is a very diverse county and if you don’t embrace that diversity you better get out because it’s here to stay; my job is to work with the cultures that make up Fort Bend County.


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