57 million taxpayer-funded reasons why THIS Texas non-profit is sheltering Jane Doe

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57 million taxpayer-funded reasons why THIS Texas non-profit is sheltering Jane Doe

There is a convergence of issues in Texas pertaining to the costs of illegal immigration and the Texas “not-for-profit” refugee industry but no one issue in the news draws more passion than the intersection of these two topics with the taxpayer facilitation & funding of abortion in the recent case of Jane Doe. In her article titled “Attorney: Undocumented Teen Seeking Abortion Faced Abuse at Refugee Shelter”, author Sophie Novack didn’t simply publicize illegal alien Jane Doe’s fight against the Trump Administration to secure an abortion; Sophie reported the NAME of the company running the shelter caring for Jane Doe.

Lucio photo

(photo credit: Texas Tribune)

And THAT’S where 57 million taxpayer dollars, a Texas State Representative and the Texas “not-for-profit” refugee industry intersect.

As reported by the Texas Observer and citing a sealed lawsuit, International Education Services (IES) of Los Fresnos , Texas was named as the company sheltering Jane Doe.

And as of 2014, International Education Services (IES) had 57 million taxpayer-funded reasons for sheltering J.D. and other illegal aliens.  Has the United States run out of struggling law-abiding American citizens to help? Where did your hard-earned tax money go?

Public information sources reveal the following:

  1. The mission statement of IES is “to provide the physical and educational care needed by the unaccompanied alien minor children who are entrusted to our care by the immigration officials who have detained them.”

IES mission statement

  1. According to International Education Services IRS Form 990 for 2014, the CEO of IES earned in excess of $677,000 in total compensation.

IES 2014 compensation

  1. Out of over $57,800,000 in taxpayer money reported as revenue, 49% went to salaries and wages. Another $7,566,189 went to pensions, payroll taxes and other employee benefits.

IES expenses


  1. Public documents obtained from the Texas Tribune and the Internal Revenue Service supplemented by the Texas Observer article reveal Texas State Representative Eddie Lucio III, Democrat – Brownsville as the Vice President of External Affairs / Legal Counsel for International Education Services. According to 2014 IRS documents, Lucio earned slightly over $139,000 in taxpayer-funded 2014 total compensation in this role at IES.

From these documents its clear International Education Services couldn’t exist without taxpayer money.

I bet plenty of taxpayers don’t mind paying taxes for medical care and education if it’s directed towards the care and schooling of their own children, but not when their hard-earned tax money is caring for other countries nationals who have illegally crossed our borders, especially when Congress (I’m looking at you Congressman Kevin Brady!) can’t firmly refute House Ways and Means won’t make it harder for you to save for retirement by lowering the $18,000 annual pre-tax contribution to your 401k retirement plan.

Tax reform should also include (maybe it is but the newzies aren’t reporting on it) ways to overhaul the tax code as it pertains to these phony non-profits in the Refugee and Illegal Alien Industry. And when you hear the fake cries from Democrats about President Trump wanting to dismantle the refugee program, remember it’s the livelihood of elected officials like Eddie Lucio III that profit from receipt of your tax money.

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