Craddick attack site tip came via an unmarked envelope

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Craddick attack site tip came via an unmarked envelope

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In early November a mysterious envelope arrived in the RER mailbox.  No postmark. No return address.

The envelope contained 34 pages of documents targeting Texas Railroad Commissioner Christ Craddick.  The purpose, we concluded, was to show that somehow she’s corrupt.

Page One of the packet, like a preface, infers the documents received point to seven acts of questionable ethics by Craddick. The two main charges are that Craddick gives favorable rulings to campaign donors. The really troubling allegation within the preface would be if Craddick is using her office to benefit the business interests of the Commissioner, personally. Or members of her family such as State Rep. Tom Craddick.

At the very bottom of Page One is printed, “Follow me at @crooked_christi for more updates”.  But when the Twitter handle was checked out, the account was found to  be suspended.

A Google search came up with the attack website,

The contents of the envelope were hardcopies of documents that can be publicly downloaded from the anti-Craddick website, with a few additions.

The website contains links to Texas Railroad Commission meetings  that the source has presumptively compiled from TX RRC video clips. More bread crumbs.

In a collaborative effort, and have a focused objective.  Are the allegations against Commissioner Craddick accurate, or “fake” news?  If “fake” news, the danger of non-vetted guerrilla websites will be demonstrated.

From the perspective of RER and LJP, if any smoking guns lead to showing Craddick taking actions to benefit her campaign donors… Well, welcome to the Texas plutocracy.  That’s how business is done in the Texas political ecosystem.

Yet, if the documents and other media provided to show that Commissioner Craddick has acted within her official capacity to personally benefit her financial interests, or that of her family’s, then some questions about ethics and criminality may need to be answered.

Newsworthy discoveries will be published when verified with all confidence.

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