Texas: State Rep Davis declined offer to talk on gun reform panel

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March 25, 2018
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Texas: State Rep Davis declined offer to talk on gun reform panel

Texas State Representative Sarah Davis, Chair of the Texas House General Investigating and Ethics Committee said Monday she turned down an invitation to talk on a gun-law reform townhall held this past Saturday at Rice University.

(photo credit: Texas House of Representatives website)

“The Houston Chronicle incorrectly reported that I had accepted the invitation” Davis wrote me yesterday, referring to a Friday April 6 article which townhall organizers claimed to the Chronicle they received commitments from seven Democrat candidate & elected officials and a lone Republican, State Rep Sarah Davis of Houston to appear.

“I never attended any anti-Second Amendment debate/ townhall. I was invited to attend the townhall at Rice this past Saturday, but I declined” Davis wrote.

*Sidenote: this blog wondered what narrative the Texas GOP Sore Losers in the recent Texas House District 134 GOP primary race would attempt to put forth in an effort to derail Republican Davis’ chance for a re-election win in November. You’d almost think the Texas GOP Sore Losers would be happier with a Democrat win in the HD 134 race than to see Rep. Sarah Davis win re-election.

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