Florida: Armed teenage punk intruders confronted by AR-15, handgun during home invasion

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April 10, 2018
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Florida: Armed teenage punk intruders confronted by AR-15, handgun during home invasion

Three teenage punks were among a group of seven young men involved in a mobile home invasion earlier this week and two of the three residents inside the mobile home confronted the intruders with an AR-15 and handgun in self-defense, reported The Daily Caller and News4 Jax.

From News4Jax:

“GLEN ST. MARY, Fla – Three men say they were asleep inside a mobile home in Glen St. Mary about 4 a.m. Sunday when they heard a voice outside yell “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open. 

In stormed a masked gunman who fired off a single round before two of the men inside, one armed with an AR-15 rifle and the other with a handgun, emerged from two bedrooms and opened fire.

The Sheriff’s Office said the five individuals charged in the case were among a group of seven that went to the mobile home that morning to confront and fight the group staying there.

William Lauramore, 24; Joseph Albino, 24; Zachary Bell, 20; Christian Watkins, 19; and Cayden Lauramore, 15, are charged with home invasion. But additional charges are possible.

Albino, Bell and Watkins provided conflicting details about their involvement in the shooting, but all three said they had no idea others in their group had brought weapons along, according to the report.”

It’s no surprise teenage punks across the country are asking other teenagers and their parents to join them in advocating for bans on the AR-15’s for home self-defense.

  • In March 2017 three teenage punks attempting to break into a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma residence were confronted by a homeowner with an AR-15. CBS News reported two of the three teens died inside the house.



  • And in November 2017 CBS17 in the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville, North Carolina area reported two 16-year old teenage punks were burglary suspects shot with an AR-15 by the homeowner after one of the teenage punks tried to kick in the homeowner’s door.

But going back to the three teenage punks in Glen Mary, Florida who had “no idea” others in their group brought weapons along to the home invasion—let this be a lesson to blindly joining other teenagers calling for bans on AR-15’s used for legitimate and lawful home self-defense purposes.

Because it’s becoming abundantly clear why teenage punks want YOU stripped of your AR-15.

And that’s because teenage punks want the tactical advantage of you being unable to use your AR-15 while they rob you blind during a home invasion.

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