TX: Two voters poised to vote for over $229 million in bonds for city management district

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TX: Two voters poised to vote for over $229 million in bonds for city management district

Missouri City, TX – Two voters in one Fort Bend County voting precinct will go to the polls next month to vote for over $229,000,000 in bonds to develop two mixed-use developments.

A search of Fort Bend County, Texas public records revealed a Voter Registration District Directory Report listing two voters in Fort Bend County precinct 2108 and zero voters in precinct 2136 within the boundaries of Missouri City Management District Number 1 and Missouri City Management District Number 2.

During the 84th session of the Texas Legislature, State Representative Ron Reynolds authored HB 4147 for the creation of the District which, according to an article published in the Community Impact news outlet “would allow Cernus Development and FLC Parkway to develop two mixed-use developments in Management District Nos. 1 and 2.”

The two voters in precinct 2108 will vote for or against five propositions for the issuance of water, sanitary sewer, drainage and storm sewer systems; recreational facilities and roads, as well as the levy of taxes to be repaid by the future homeowners without limit as to rate or amount in payment of the bonds.

Mind you this blog does not assertions nor imply the practice of two voters going to the polls to approve in excess of $229 million in bonds is illegal. And you dear reader should not either. As ABC13.com reported back in 2015, a developer needs voters to vote for the bonds. We just want to determine what type of housing these two voters reside in and hoping it isn’t a temporary trailer.

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