Little Jolly Politics obtains TX lobbyist Steve Bresnans’ preliminary report on American Phoenix Foundation finances

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Little Jolly Politics obtains TX lobbyist Steve Bresnans’ preliminary report on American Phoenix Foundation finances

Veteran Texas lobbyist Steve Bresnan issued a preliminary report to the Texas Legislature on the finances of the now-defunct organization, American Phoenix Foundation, Inc. reported The Quorum Report on November 16.

Bresnan’s preliminary report is an interim one—commenced subsequent to APF’s attempted disruption and covert surveillance of the Texas Legislature and some lobbyists and their clients back in the spring of 2015.

Are Texas political activists aware of this report? This blog is—has been for over 10 days now—and after determining numerous Harris County, TX-based political blogs remain silent on the matter –we at Little Jolly Politics thought you should  read the report that Texas State Representatives and State Senators will or have received.

(and end LJP’s five month absence from blogging about the Texas political scene).

The Quorum Report revealed Mr. Bresnan himself intends to deliver the very public report to every member of the Texas Legislature—which means at least one Fort Bend County-area legislator who once insisted to me he had zero knowledge of other such public documents distributed by Mr. Bresnan can no longer feign ignorance.

In an effort to educate state lawmakers, lobbyists and some of their clients on:

“what happened to more than $670,000 in tax-deductible donations made to APF and attempt to alert those who may have been cheated”…

Mr. Bresnan makes clear the answers to some basic questions simply prompted the asking of more serious questions including:

  • Why did a donor whose true identity remains unknown pass two contributions totaling $920,000 through the National Christian Foundation to APF, instead of directly to APF?
  • After APF accepted that $920,000, why were no more federal tax returns filed for APF? Was it because it would have shown questionable uses of the money?
  • Was this purported charity actually used to dupe donors out of that money and more?
  • Or, did the donors know what would become of their money and, if so, when did they know it?
  • Why did Ben Wetmore funnel $100,000 to Joe Basel’s firm through another entity on the same day Wetmore gave $250,000 of APF’s money to that other entity?
  • Why, within a few days, did Wetmore withdraw another $100,000 in cash taken from APF’s accounts?
  • Why did Wetmore transfer $670,000 taken from APF to Basel through multiple non-profit and for-profit entities with no documentation for the reasons?
  • What happened to the remainder of the more than $570,000 not yet traced?

And as you read the report—the whole story does indeed become much more fascinating than the persons and activities that sparked the original reporting and investigation over 3 years ago.

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