Texas County Judge: “Big chunk” of $1 BILLION HUD money will go to non-profit salaries and benefits

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March 30, 2019
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Texas County Judge: “Big chunk” of $1 BILLION HUD money will go to non-profit salaries and benefits

Newly elected Harris County county judge Lina Hidalgo revealed a “big chunk” of Federal taxpayer money received by Harris County will go to community outreach—essentially “case management” aka payroll of salaries, benefits & operating expenses of non-profits.

Answering questions during the “Value of Immigrants and Immigration” Luncheon Discussion at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy event on March 7, 2019 moderator Kate Vickery, Executive Director, Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative asked Judge Hidalgo how her role as the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management head in Harris County intersects with the county judges’ goal of making disaster recovery more equitable.

(26:19 minute mark)

“We just got $1 Billion dollars in HUD funding (Housing and Urban Development) a couple weeks ago, that we accepted, those are for recovery and rebuilding of homes that were flooded…and so there’s a BIG CHUNK in that allocation that is for community outreach and the caseworkers are ready to a) speak Spanish and other languages but also to refer people…undocumented immigrants don’t qualify , the owner of the home needs to be a permanent resident well then making sure they can be referred to organizations that may be able to put them together with some resources.”

Recently this blog reported a priority meeting on the county judges’ official calendar in the first 15 days of her administration was the January 12th appointment with the CEO of Baker Ripley.

In their 2017 Annual Report, Baker Ripley reported revenues in excess of $46, 262, 598  in taxpayer money from three public sources:

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services: $25, 907,055

Texas Education Agency:                                              $16, 654, 535

Other public grants and contracts:                              $3,701, 008


Here’s the exit question to ponder: which Harris County non-profit will be the beneficiary of that BIG CHUNK of $1 billion in HUD money?

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