June 3, 2018

Texas: Swimsuit, Las Vegas photos spearhead request for judges’ removal from water drainage case

In one picture, the women are on a sandy beach in swimsuits smiling for a selfie. A second photo shows them in a setting with what […]
April 28, 2018

TX: Two voters poised to vote for over $229 million in bonds for city management district

Missouri City, TX – Two voters in one Fort Bend County voting precinct will go to the polls next month to vote for over $229,000,000 in […]
April 23, 2018

What disclosures reveal about GOP run-off candidates vying to represent Texas CD – 2

No candidate running for election (or re-election) should be exempt from the requisite filing of personal financial disclosures nor should the supporters of a candidate attempt […]
April 10, 2018

Texas: State Rep Davis declined offer to talk on gun reform panel

Texas State Representative Sarah Davis, Chair of the Texas House General Investigating and Ethics Committee said Monday she turned down an invitation to talk on a […]